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With 200 competitors most classes required riders to ride in heats, possibly last chance qualifiers, quarterfinals, and then the semis ensuring the finalist riders can consistently ride at world class standard over 5 days of resort living.

Some of the stand out Australian performances in the early part of the event where Nathan, Charli and Bryce. While their riding was world class they narrowly missed the finals but did Australia proud. Our Junior Women Holly and Chloe had the tricks but did not land them on the day but came a respectable 5th and 6th. Junior Men was an Aussie dominated event with Korea taking the first 2 spots on the dock and 4 talented Aussies in the top four slots. Lewy was top seed but trouble with HS7’s took him into 4th with Cobe in 3rd, Elliot in 2nd and Nic taking another 1st giving the team a clean sweep in this class. We have almost expected Sam and Zahra to win no matter who they compete against but their classes were really tough. Both Sam and Zahra showed why we expect them to win throwing down awesome flawless passes and coming our winners in Boys and Girls.

Pro men was another class dominated by Aussies with Dean, Cory and Harley, then Steel and Phil from the USA and Italian Massi. Massi was on form with a solid pass of tech and unique Massi style. The Aussies did have a few falls and left Massi on top with Phil in 2nd and Cory in 3rd. Massi’s win took Italy just in front of Australia in the team trophy with USA in 3rd place.

One of the bonuses to earning a finals spot ensures a rider of an invite to World Cup stops for the following 2 years. With Dean, Cory and Harley guaranteed in these events we are definitely up for plenty of Aussie representation on the international stage.

The Mayan Water Sport Complex provided a cool venue with great water conditions and choices of tourism that are distinctly Mexican. When it is finished the Mayan Water Sports Complex will be an ideal location for a wakeboarding holiday.


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